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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Laura Joffe Numeroff, Felicia Bond

Lexile Level: AD410L

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Felicia Bond is a playful picture book that tells the story of a boy and a needy mouse. The story begins when the mouse asks the boy for a cookie. The boy provides the mouse with what he wants which leads to the mouse asking for a series of other items which keeps the boy very busy. Teachers of kindergarten students could use this book as a picture walk before reading to help students learn to read pictures and to develop print awareness. Teachers could also use this book to teach cause and effect as this is a central concept in the story. Kindergarten students who cannot yet create written responses could practice sequencing skills by sorting pictures from the story in the order in which they happened. During read alouds, students can make predictions as the teacher reads. Because of  this book's detailed illustration and the repetitive writing, this will likely be a popular book with students and would be an ideal addition to a classroom library. This is a perfect book for kindergarten students to explore on their own after it has been introduced to them to develop their print awareness and decoding abilities.